Do You Think You Know Link?!

There are many people in the world that know link. Are you one of them? Only one way to find out! I made this quiz for anyone who thinks they know anything about link! Good luck!

Do YOU think you know link? well if you do, PROVE IT! Right here!if you want to do this quiz, then just do it!!!!!!! and if you didn't hear me, DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: manny

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  1. Is Link left or right handed?
  2. Who is links enemy?
  3. what is a real triforce?
  4. once again, what is a real triforce?
  5. one more time: whats a real triforce?
  6. Link has a mole right next to his belly button.
  7. Whats the newest legend of zelda game?
  8. In majora's mask, how many hits does it take to break the expensive sword that you buy?
  9. what design does link have on his belt buckle on wind waker?
  10. what forms does gannondorf transform into on the wind waker?

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Quiz topic: Do I Think You Know Link?!