How level headed are you?

There's a lot of crazy people in this world. We only hope there's just as many normal ones to balance things out. See which one you are. Of course, madness and sanity really are just words.

Are you the type of person to treat people like the humans they are, or do you look at them and only see a large piece of beef jerky? Are you a mother Theressa or a Mr. T on chrystal meth?

Created by: je

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  1. You see an old lady being mugged. You:
  2. You and a friend are playing xbox. He wins several times in a row and begins gloating. You:
  3. A todler at a restaurant keeps sticking his tounge out at you, making fart noise, and pointing his finger at you. How do you handle this?
  4. You're in a public location. Your cell phone rings, you:
  5. An extremely obese person walks by, you see...
  6. A friend confides in you that he slept with your ex girlfried/boyfriend. You:
  7. You're at work and find that a co-worker had eaten the potato salad you were saving in the break room refrigerator. You:
  8. Your neighbors son is beating your son in a little leauge softball match.
  9. A drunk guy in a bar tries to start a fight with you. You:
  10. A friend insults your favorite band. You:

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Quiz topic: How level headed am I?