How Lancaster are you?

Ok. Here's the deal. You are about to take this quiz in order to find out if you can pass for a Lancastrian in Lancaster PA. Not many will be because we have a keen eye for liars and guessers. Good luck with this!

So ARE you fit to be called a Lancastrian? You can never tell until you take this quiz. Good luck and come out with a 90% or above!!!!!! If you do, you really know how to get down and dirty in the cow manure. You might even be able to move here without getting trampled by a plow!

Created by: Stephie
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  1. Which is the way you say it? Lahncasta or Lanecaster?
  2. When I say "Look at the horse and buggy!", what do you look at?
  3. Aymish or Ahmish (it's really spelled Amish)
  4. Are we all Amish here?
  5. What colors do Amish people usually wear?
  6. How close to a farm do you live?
  7. Have we ever had a school shooting here?
  8. How close (besides in your stomach) have you been to a cow?
  9. Is this quiz confusing to ya'll?
  10. Is electricity custom to an amish person?
  11. Are Mettonite and amish the same?

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Quiz topic: How Lancaster am I?