How Keansburg are you

Some people may say Keansburg is probably the worst place to be but we are always getting a bad reputation. do you think thats fair well i dont so when you hear someone making fun of people from new jersey and you happen to be one of them but then they narrow it down to keansburg you might fell stupid but just prove them wrong and they will see about that

So if you gree with me and want to teat your knowledge take this quiz to see if you really do feel the same way i made it and figured that if people are truly from ''the burg'' then just take this 10 question quiz to find out if its true

Created by: Crystal
  1. Where is the best place to get good fries?
  2. When is the worst time to be caught on the streets at night?
  3. what is the best holiday in Keansburg?
  4. what is the worst beach ?
  5. What is the worst store to go into?
  6. what is the best type of food to eat?
  7. can you go 2 min without passing a fire station?
  8. What is the best ride at the keansburg boardwalk?
  9. Where is the worst place to leave your kids?
  10. would you say ya'll or you all?

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