How is your mental health quiz( accurate)

Have you ever wondered what your mental health is like. then wonder no more this quiz will give you a accurate result on how your mental health is going.

The quiz is only 11 questions so it hopefully won't take up too much of your time. I hope you find it intresting and helpful. Enjoy the quiz!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: ghostwalrus234

  1. Do you feel like you don't need sleep at night?
  2. Do you think everyone is out to harm you?
  3. Do you get extreme mood swings?
  4. Pick which one is closest to your feelings most often.
  5. Have you ever self-harmed yourself?
  6. Do you ever feel invisible to the outside world
  7. how many friends do you have
  8. Have you been called any of the following: evil/dark/crazy/coward/dumb/cold
  9. Do you bottle up feelings.
  10. Have you ever had therapy?
  11. Do you honestly think you are ok.

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Quiz topic: How is my mental health quiz( accurate)