How Irish Are You?

There are a lot of cool people out there in this world but true Irishmen are rare these days. Could you step up and get a perfect score in this quiz so good luck.

Are you able to step up for this quiz do you have the brains are you a complete Irish? Did you ever think you were Irish, well in a couple of minutes you will find out?

Created by: jack
  1. Irish slang:if you called someone a eejit what would you of called them.
  2. How many counties are in the republic of ireland?
  3. In which year did Ireland get to the semi final in the soccer euros.
  4. What year did the Easter rising take place?
  5. When did ireland become a republic?
  6. What is ireland's patriot saint?
  7. How long did the Irish patato famine take place?
  8. Where did most of the Irish imagrants imagrate to during the great famine?
  9. What is the Irish capital?
  10. When is st Patrick's day?

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Quiz topic: How Irish am I?