How insane are you?

How insane are you? Are you just a helpful, normal person, or are you just a crazy, beer drinking p!sser offer? Find out in this how insane are you quiz!

Are you the most insane person on earth, or are you just, well, not p!ssed off. Find out in my very own, how insane are you quiz! I hope you enjoy it!

Created by: cooldude10

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you ever want to kill yourself?
  2. If you saw your friend in danger, what would you do?
  3. What's 5x5?
  4. Do you ever like pranking people?
  5. Do you think getting drunk is cool?
  6. Are you a smoker?
  7. Are you dumb?
  8. F*** you.
  9. Are you a hostile person?
  10. Do you ever think about cliff diving or bungee jumping?

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Quiz topic: How insane am I?