How Important Are You to Your Friends?

Are you a popular person? Do you get the feeling to help people in need, without racism or any other kind of -ism? Are you the kind who likes to take matters into your own hands?

Well - this very accurate Quiz I've made will definitely help you to find out what your friends think about you. Are you a good dude or just a plain meanie? Give it a go.

Created by: Dude PowEr
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  1. Friend (text): "Hvng a party. Luv ur presence."
  2. Teacher: Can you send a message to Mrs. Roberts, the Science Teacher, please?
  3. Mother: Honey, can you go to the supermarket and get these items?
  4. Teammate: Bro. Need some help with this problem I've got. Dunno if you can but . . ?
  5. Girl: This guy's been bugging me and I really need help.
  6. Hobo: Can you spare a dollar, young man?
  7. Friend: I like you. You're a cool guy.
  8. A gang of dogs are barking at an old lady on the sidewalk.
  9. Janitor: Can you get me that mop over there please?
  10. Friend: Goodbye man. You won't forget us, right?

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Quiz topic: How Important am I to my Friends?