How Haunted is your House?

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Have you ever saw a door randomly slam in your house? Or you hear random creaking in your house? Do you think it’s a spirit haunting your house? Take this simple 12 question quiz to find out if your house is haunted or not. Your results will be on a zero to one-hundred scale with 0 saying your house is not haunted, and with one-hundred being your house very haunted.

Before you think it’s nothing, consider this: One out of five people say that they have encountered a ghost. This quiz will determine if you are one of those people. And let’s get real, we’ve all thought about a ghost being in our homes.

  1. Have you ever saw an electronic (eg. television) randomly turn on in a room where no one is?
  2. Do you ever feel a cold current of air randomly pass you in your house?
  3. How old is your house? Choosing “I do not know” will have no effect.
  4. Have you ever hired a paranormal investigator to look at your house for ghosts? If so, what did they say? Choosing “I’ve never hired a paranormal investigator” will have no effect.
  5. Has anyone ever died in your house? If so, how many? Choosing “I do not know” will have no effect.
  6. Have you ever saw an item (eg. toothbrush) randomly go up in the air even when no one was holding the item? If so, how many times have you witnessed it?
  7. Does the temperature ever randomly drop or go up in your house even when no one changed it? If so, how many times has it happened?
  8. Have you ever felt tapping on your back or the back of your head and when you look back, no one is there? If so, how many times?
  9. Have you ever heard a noise in a room of your house but no one is in that room? If so, how many times has this happened?
  10. Have you ever saw a walking shadow but no one was walking around at the time? If so, how many times have you encountered this?
  11. How many times have you smelled a distinct smell that didn’t have a source?
  12. Last question! How many times have you felt like you’ve been being watched?

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