How Harry Potter Are You?

This is a quiz I made for anyone who wants to test their Harry Potter knowledge. They're not the usual questions, so if you pass, you amazin', dude!!!

If you pass, then jeez… You'd be smarter than crap. But one thing… before you do this quiz, promise there'll be no cheating, peeping, or peeking. This is truth only.

Created by: Charlotte

  1. What flavoured ice cream does Hagrid get Harry in the first book?
  2. Which character is the first to be seen in the first movie?
  3. What was Voldemort's middle name?
  4. What is the full name of Harry's second Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher?
  5. What is the device Hermione is permitted to use in her third year called?
  6. What wasthe Forbidden Forest originally called?
  7. What were the exact words Voldemort spoke when he saw Cedric with Harry and the cup?
  8. Which Death-Eater murdered Sirius Black?
  9. Which Horcrux was destroyed first?
  10. Which Weasley died in the last film?

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