how happy are you?

There are many people who hide their sadness from people and then there are many people who look as though they might be the most depressing people but they may have achieved more happiness than you.

Are you really happy? Do you think you are happy enough? Until now you only wonder, But thanks to this quiz you can actually find out!!! So dont miss this chance!!

Created by: Hina Afiah
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  1. if someone were to make a joke about you which hurted you, would you be sensitive about it or laugh it off and forgive them?
  2. Do you always listen what others say or do you tend to be independent?
  3. Do you give your family more impotance or your friends?
  4. Does your likes keep on changing with the trend or does it stays the same?
  5. Are you satisfied with your looks or do you think it could look better after plastic surgery or makeup?
  6. Do you believe what your star sign says about you?
  7. Are you more happier around your family or friends?
  8. Do your parents allow you to follow your dreams?
  9. Do you think you are yourself around people?
  10. Do you believe you are happy?

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Quiz topic: How happy am I?