how good of an embarq employee are you?

this world is full of workers who dont pull their weight around the workplace. there is also a prestigious few that always do an amazing job no matter what.

find out if you are a slacker and if you have a future here at embarq. just a few questions and you will feel either confident or have your dreams of a future here dashed.

Created by: danelle
  1. how many times do you hang up on a customer a day?
  2. If a B credit class customer in Nevada that has never been suspended before got suspended and got charged a restoral fee, would youâ?¦..
  3. How many Occurances do you have?
  4. A d credit class customer wants to sign up for internet so you
  5. you are asked to help with highway clean up so you
  6. When you get an angry customer do you?
  7. If you had this Job and you had no supervisor at all you basically managed yourself do you think you would ....
  8. if you found a booger on your desk you would
  9. if you had to go to the doctor you would
  10. if you think someone is really hot at work you would

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Quiz topic: How good of an embarq employee am I?