How good of a wrestler address you?

I am in wrestling and I always wonder, "Am I really good at it?" Obviously my parents and teammates will say yes, but sometimes they say that for the sake of your feelings.

Although this quiz cannot be one hundred percent accurate, I assure you I have done the best I can to make the results correct. Also note that the results are in comparison with other wrestlers. Good out if you are as good as a wrestler as you think!

Created by: Mateja
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How many years have you been wrestling?
  2. What place do you generally take?
  3. How long do your matches usually last and why?? If it isn't one of these, click none of these and look at the next question
  4. Other answers for last question
  5. How many practices do you have a week?
  6. Do you like wrestling????
  7. Do you think it is weird if you wrestled a girl, assuming you're a boy, or vice versa?
  8. Are you getting good taking quiz Won't effect answers
  9. Second to last question What other sports do you play?
  10. Finally, what do you guys yourself as??

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