how good of a singer are you?

there many people with a nice voice are you one of them? could you become a fantastic singer like Carrie Underwood? or if your more into pop, Rianah?

do YOU have a nice voice? do you have that amazingly good voice to where you win the American Idol award? take my quiz and find out! please comment and rate!

Created by: Jade Black

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. is your voice scratchy or off-key sometimes?
  2. can your voice go up adn down rapidly h=when you carry out a note naturally?
  3. does your voice have a lot of power?
  4. do you like to sing?
  5. the rest doesn't count okay?
  6. sup?
  7. fgh
  8. vbnmki
  9. mamma
  10. sigh

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Quiz topic: How good of a singer am I?