How good of a horseback rider are you(BEST ONE!!!!!:)

there are many people out there who just want to know how good they are at something. well if horseback riding is one of those things then try this quiz!!!

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Created by: Bailey94
  1. How do you measure horses
  2. What is the right diagnal
  3. what are gaits
  4. list the gaits from slowest to fastest
  5. how should your feet be positioned
  6. what is the name of the tack that consists of the crown, browband, cheeks,throat latch, noseband, bit, and reins
  7. what is the piece of hair called that lays between the ears
  8. what is a horses stomach called
  9. what is it called when a horse throws his hind end up and throws you off(sometimes)
  10. how long does a horse typically sleep each day
  11. which is true
  12. horses generally dislike the smell of...
  13. horses use what to recognize things
  14. what is it called when people dont ride with a saddle

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Quiz topic: How good of a horseback rider am I(BEST ONE!!!!!:)