How good is your Warrior Cat?

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Remember, please be completely honest here, or else your results will not be accurate! Sometimes you'll get an unexpected result! Apparently I need 150 characters here which I just passed at the number 150. Now i'm at 222.

I ask you not to complain about your results as this is a test based on what YOU chose, not me. I am not responsible for that, and will not like that.

Created by: Loltears//GP//TCOACS
  1. You're a kit in the nursery. You're mother is sleeping and everything is quiet. What do you do? Apparently I have to make this question 150 characters for no reason, which is not a problem since I probably just did exactly that! Amazing, right?
  2. You're still a kit, but it's your first time outside. You meet the clan leader, Featherstar, and a senior warrior called Flamebush.
  3. It's a couple minutes before you're ceremony, and you're mother is grooming you.
  4. It's the moment after your ceremony, and you got Berryclaw, a very experienced cat but a little selfish (but overall pretty good). He asks you what you'd like to do for your first time being an apprentice.
  5. After doing that job, you go to sleep.--Awesome time skip--Unfortunately the deputy of the clan, Sparrowflight, has died, and a new one is being chosen. Surprisingly, your mother gets chosen! This means she is probably going to make you deputy when she becomes leader! How do you react?
  6. A couple moons later, tension is stirring up between your clan and another's . A battle breaks out. Featherstar dies and you flee. Another unfortunate loss is Berryclaw, when his paw got terribly twisted in the fight and had to be removed (Remember Berrynose (Berrykit), if you're going to say it isn't possible) .
  7. The next day, you're mother returned from the moonpool but had to do your ceremony as well as appointing a new deputy. She did your ceremony first.
  8. After the ceremony, your mother hesitates. You can tell she is deciding whether to let you become deputy (as an extremely senior warrior, having three minutes in experience) or whether to choose someone else. Finally, she chooses you, but an outroar of anger comes from the cats.
  9. Did you like this quiz? A part 2 is coming soon, so check it out! (Nothing affects this score since it doesn't have to do with the quiz)
  10. I have to have 10 questions so...another one! Are you really sure you want to see how good/bad you are?

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Quiz topic: How good is my Warrior Cat?