How good is your OC?

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Have you wondered about your OC and how good it is?WELL, THIS QUIZ WILL SUIT ALL OF YOUR NEEDS!!this was only my first quiz so i hope you like it!! Please tell your friends or any other people you know!

This quiz has 10 questions because im lazy so so sorry! About me: Well I'm depressed and I don't really care about myself!! People may call me mean but I'm actually really nice!

Created by: Suicidal
  1. What is your OC's hair color
  2. Do you think your OC is bad ( just yes or no)
  3. Does your OC have a pet?
  4. What about your OC's past?
  5. Sorry im lazy :)How did you like my first quiz???(doesnt effect answer)
  6. If you said it was terrible on the last question, you better sleep with one eye open! (still no effect)
  7. What about your OC's outfit?
  8. Favorite color?
  9. Why did you make your OC?
  10. FATE

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Quiz topic: How good is my OC?