How good do you know "HELP!"? (the Beatles)

Many people THINK they know the Beatles. But, in order to know them, you must know one of their earliest works. "Help!" is a good example of their early works.

Do YOU know "Help!"? If not, do YOU have what it takes to fake your way through? Find out in this super-awesome quiz about the one and only FAB FOUR!!!!!

Created by: Aubre(duh)

  1. "When i was younger, so much younger than today..."
  2. "Said you had a thing or two to tell me, how was I to know you would upset me..."
  3. Who sang "Another Girl"?
  4. What year was "Help!" Released? (The Record)
  5. Is Victor Spinetti (In the movie) a:
  6. What is the main object (item) that is involved in the plot of the movie "Help!"?
  7. Where do the Beatles partake in 'Curling'?
  8. What do the other Beatles want Ringo to do?
  9. What does Ringo do?
  10. What is George's last name?

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Quiz topic: How good do I know "HELP!"? (the Beatles)