How good at Spanish are you??

There a many many smart, clever and intelligent people in the world but only a small percentage peeps are actuall geniuses! What is a genius I see you wonder??? It's an unusual, extrodinarily clever peep with a natural talent. Being a genius is not something you can learn, you are born with it so lets see whether Spanish is your thing!!

The only question is are YOU a genius??? The wonders and the thoughts will remain in your brain until you take this quiz. SO just do it it's a 1 in a lifetime oppurtunity!

Created by: Hattie

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  1. What is yellow in Spanish?
  2. What is please in Spanish?
  3. How do you spell football in Spanish?
  4. What does la hierba mean?
  5. If you want some medicene where would you go?
  6. How do you spell 7 in spanish?
  7. How many letters in the spanish alphabet originally?
  8. How do you say friend(female)in spanish?
  9. How many a's are in 'amazing' in spanish?
  10. What is the spanish population roughly estimated at?

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Quiz topic: How good at Spanish am I??