How good at hunting are you? (Female cubs only!)

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You are one of the bear cubs but how good at hunting will you be? You do not know. You have smooth brown fur and a damp jet black nose, your name is Rose.

Keeping her eyes fixed on the fish, your Mum prepared to pounce.The ice-cold water made her paws tingle, the sound of the cascading water around her filled her ears, and she could feel her heart pounding inside her chest. Her senses were more alert than ever.Over years of practise, however, she had perfected the art of blocking out all possible distractions, focusing only on catching her prey.You watch her from the beach, learning from her every move. She couldn’t afford to teach them bad habits. Every move and every second counted…


  1. What do you think the bear cubs are thinking about there mum when shes hunting?
  2. Which of them do you think will make the best hunter?
  3. Why do you think the relationship between the mother and her cubs is so important?
  4. Would you rather be a fish (The prey) or a bear? (The hunter)
  5. The big bear went into the river. Her cubs watched from the beach. What would you do?
  6. Your Mum told you to go and play. She said "You have done enough work today we will do some more tomorrow!"
  7. The next day, you decide you want to go and play in the woods so you run off and 'accidentally' missed lessons what do you do?
  8. You picked to stay behind and play then... "where is rose!?" shouts your Mum you can hear her shouting from behind a rock were you're playing hide and seek what do you do?
  9. When finally you decide to go back to the lake, whether your Mum carried you on her back or you walked back on your own, what do you say to your Mum?
  10. That night, "It's ok Rose I know how much you hate lessons but it's for your own good." says your Mum softly. what do you say?

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Quiz topic: How good at hunting am I? (Female cubs only!)