How good are your soccer skills

Quiz made by Stefan Chindamo © There are many good soccer players, but few true skilled players. What is a skilled soccer player? A skilled soccer player is someone who has an extraordinarily view of the game, is able to read there opponents, and see the game and plan it out?

Are you skilled? Can curve the ball in or out. Do you think you are Allsome, Good, Alright or S**T. Find out your ranking and try to become the soccer player you dreamed of being.

Created by: Stefan Chindamo

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you play for a club?
  2. Can you curve the ball inside?
  3. Can you curve the ball outside?
  4. Are you the fastest in your team?
  5. What soccer player would you like to be the most?
  6. What number are you
  7. How many goals do you score a game
  8. Can you play for 90 min non stop?
  9. How old were youwhen you started playing soccer.
  10. Can you take on your team's capitain in one shot?

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Quiz topic: How good am Ir soccer skills