How gangsta are you?

this is my gangsta quiz. i made it bceause many people at school are like " oh he just tried your gangsta" and im like are you serious? so i made this quiz to see how gangsta you really are.

are you a gangsta? A straight up G? or a wanna-b? take my quiz to find out, send me mail if you dont like it or you think there should be more questions added

Created by: cory
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you a gangsta or a wanna-b?
  2. Do carry 4 x 4 or any kind of guns on you?
  3. do u say "IM A GANSTA" OR " IM A STRAIGHT UP G"
  4. are you used to seeing blood?
  5. are you high right now?
  6. How long is your vocabulary?
  7. how many black people do you know?
  8. can you say nigga without getiin beat up?
  9. Do you watch BET?
  10. Do you wear stunna shades?
  11. Do you think your a gangsta based on your answers on the quiz?

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Quiz topic: How gangsta am I?