How Funny Are You to People?

Alot of people claim to be funny but arent. We gathered our intel from over 30,000 people in different countries to be bring you this the ultimate test of a funny person.

Are YOU a meme? Are you the star? How do your friends see you as? How mature are you? Just take a quick second to find out. Maybe you might want to change?

Created by: Jack

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  1. Does your jokes always take off
  2. If your friend finds a joke you like would you use it as your own?
  3. Would you claim yourself to be depressed?
  4. Do you often get caught in cases where people find your jokes hurtful?
  5. You find a meme of a attractive girl. A man waves but as soon as he waves he sees a mup in her pants and shoots her. Do you find that funny?
  6. Can you consider yourself a feminst?
  7. (The Real breaker) Do you often end conversations with friends?
  8. Memes or puns?
  9. Do your jokes often proceed with sex?
  10. Which Describes you?

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Quiz topic: How Funny am I to People?