Hello people! Welcome to this World of Flexibility. Think you are ready for body tricks and Contortion Activities? This is the perfect quiz to let your honesty shine!

In this quiz, you are provided with 13 questions, all related to a test of your flexibility and skills. Answer honestly and your result will be your true answer of honesty also. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Created by: kc23000

  1. First off, do you participate in any activity that involves flexibility stretches?
  2. Let's focus on leg splits. Basics: Can you: A: Do all 3 splits B: Do all 3 oversplits C: Do 1 or 2 leg regular or over-splits, or D: cannot do splits.
  3. Have you ever watched contortion videos and saw that you can do some of the skills? ( like backbends, meatball, etc. )
  4. If you can do the oversplits how far?
  5. Now for back flexibility. Can you do a basic backbend?
  6. Here are some contortion videos. Watch at least one and tell me your reaction(s): [no urls]?v=rm1iNcj_j1c&t=25s [no urls]?v=6GcaNb4yyAs&t=96s [no urls]?v=FjouA5nDvlw
  7. How brave are you?
  8. Now for opinion time. Do you think you are flexible compared to other people you know?
  9. Now for your friend's opinion. Call your best friends and ask if you are flexible.
  10. Would you want me to do more quizzes like this or just random ones? (the opinion does not affect the grade. )
  11. Ready for your result?
  12. How many skills do you know to do?
  13. How strong are you?

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Quiz topic: HOW FLEXIBLE am I?