How fat would you make a girl?

As a fat girl weighing 300lbs trying to get to 700lbs, I wondered how the net would stuff their lovers. While me and my boyfriend were stuffing eachother before publishing this, we realised this quiz can work for both genders. Oh well, it's just a slightly incorrect quiz name.


Created by: BBW

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  1. So you start going out with a girl a bit on the chubby side. She confesses she wants to gain weight. You feed her the following:
  2. After some time, she becomes 250lbs. You do the following:
  3. Again, some time passes and she becomes 325lbs. She asks you how heavy should she become?
  4. She gains a lot of weight and becomes 500lbs. None of her old clothes fit and she needs to solve this problem. How do you do it?
  5. She becomes 600lbs, which was her original goal. She wants to celebrate hitting her original goal by eating out somewhere of these following:
  6. She becomes 700lbs (my goal actually). She has trouble getting up. What do you do?
  7. 900lbs. She is now immobile. She wants to celebrate hitting such an achievement. How do you celebrate it?
  8. She is now 1000lbs and you get jealous of all that fat. You:
  9. She becomes the fattest person on Earth. You feel

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