How fat will your girlfriend be?

You want to know how much you would feed your girlfriend if she wanted to gain weight? Well this is the quiz for you. See your answer at the end of the quiz

Your girlfriend wants to gain weight and lots of it and wants your help to get immobile and become the world's largest women. Can you help the quiz will tell you.

Created by: Bob Jeff 123

  1. Your girlfriend wants to gain weight and lots of it. what do you say to her?
  2. Your girlfriend has gained 20LB. What do you do now?
  3. 1 year after your first question, your girlfriend is 450 pounds and her clothes don't fit?
  4. She proposed to you (in her bed) what do you say
  5. Your girlfriend phisicly can't walk she is confined to her bed. She is sad. What do you do now?
  6. She is the world's largest women how do you celebrate?
  7. Your girlfriend turned wife doesn't fit on her bed anymore. What now?
  8. She is so fat that she needs over 10 meals a day she is fat too fat she can't lose weight because she is immobile what do you do
  9. She lost a bit of weight but is still immobile and can't move or lose any more weight. What now
  10. She is needing constant feeding even in the night what do you do now?
  11. She died. :( You meet a cute fat girl at her funeral. What do you do? ( Doesn't affect score)

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Quiz topic: How fat will Ir girlfriend be?