How fat is your girlfriend

Ever wonder how fat you girlfriend is and what to do Well this quiz has been put to generate by a boy how likes fat girls and his girlfriend so how fat is she

Well good luck with your friends and family. I wish you and your gf so let's figure out how fat she is and I bet you will be surprised if gess you could probably work this out

Created by: Fat lover

  1. How much does she eat
  2. How much exercise dose she do
  3. Ate you interested in making her fat
  4. Dose she have problems getting up
  5. Do you ever feed her
  6. How big is her but
  7. Can you cook
  8. How soft is she
  9. Her doctor says
  10. How much dis she eat around the holidays seasonsoEg ester crismas thanks giving

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Quiz topic: How fat is my girlfriend