How fat is you girlfriend?

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I made the picture that one front of the quiz.hope you love fat or very fat girls or women. This quiz is still for them shinny girl lovers too. Don't forget to commet on this quiz and tell me how good it is

Choose the right answer that goes alonh with your girl or what kind of girl you want in the furture. People have different taste. Some people love women as bif as their house. This quiz us not to shame your girl. It to make you want a fat girl.

Created by: Michael

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  1. How big is your girls butt or how big ia it going to be?
  2. How big is your girls belly or goin to be?
  3. How big is your girls breast or going to be? And her bra size?
  4. You take your girl out to eat and she's eat a ton of food. Like 10 plates. Her pants all ready popped off and you might be feeligible feeling sexy around her growing massive body. Her shirt is about to Rip then her bra well get to small for her massive breast and her underwear for her massive butt. What you going to do?
  5. Your girl has been lazy for a long. It's not from you its her from being bored and sitting on the coach. She starting to show some of her laziness. Her body has been growing fat fron her laziness. What are you going to do before it is to late. Before she becomes a fat girl that just sits all the time. Because she has become immobile, of because if you.
  6. What's the thickness of yours girls legs of thighs
  7. How much do you love fat girls
  8. You girl gets up at night and has a big snack. Then goes to bed. What do you do about this?
  9. She there's a nice and shinny girl on the beach. Let's say she weights at least 100 pounds. She has blonde hair and beautifull blue eyes. Wold you date her and or fat her up.
  10. Do you love or like fat women
  11. Final question do you like or love this quiz

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