How Fat Do You Like Your GF/Wife?

Do you like fat girls? Or do you like the slim ones? If you want to test your likeness of fat women, if you do like them, then this quiz is for you and people like you!

Do YOU, the person, think you like fat girls? Or do YOU, the other guy, think you like slim women? Do YOU, or anybody like you, have the guts to walk up to a fat woman and ask her out? Find out now!

Created by: Dan Smith

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  1. You see a thin girl, about 102 lbs, coming your way. If she asks you out, what will you say?
  2. Now, say there is a 320 lb girl at a resturaunt, and she asks you out. What will you do?
  3. At the beach, there is a chubby woman with a muffin top at the hot dog stand. Would you ask her out?
  4. A fat woman is sitting next to you on a bus. She says she is headed back to her place for some steak and asks you if you would like to join her. What would you say?
  5. A skinny woman is disappointed in her weight and wants help gaining it. What would you do?
  6. You and your new girlfriend are out on a date and her belly pops out of her jeans. What do you do?
  7. After your girlfriend is done "doing her buissness", She has trouble getting her pants zipper up. What would you do?
  8. Your girlfriend is thinking about bloating herself all day, and complains when she didn't gain even 10 pounds. How do you feel about that?
  9. How likely are you to marry a fat girl?
  10. Of all the girls you see in a party, 2 thirds of them are skinny. Would you talk to them?

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Quiz topic: How Fat do I Like my GF/Wife?