How Evil Are You?

There is alot of ppl in this place. But sum are evil. Are you evil, like me? Or nice and caring........? Take Mai quiz to finds out!!!!! -Crazy_CinyKyk

So r u evil????? Or are you loving caring and all that? Just take this quiz to find out......... And get me a cheezburger if you dare...................................

Created by: CinyKyk

  1. Weapon of your choice.
  2. You see a little kid crying because their toy broke. You:
  3. You see a wallet on the ground. There is 300 bucks in there. You:
  4. You see a baby carriage but no mother. You:
  5. You are bored. What will you most likely do?
  6. You find a gun. What do you do with it?
  7. Someone makes you mad. You:
  8. SomeOne makes soup. You come when the person leaves. What do you put in the soup?
  9. Yor friend just got broken up from their bf/gf. You:
  10. Did you liek Mai quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Evil am I?