how emo are you?

hey everybody! this quiz is to determine how emo you really are. who knows? you might not even be emo at all! but if you want to know how much emo-ness that you have in yourself, than take my quiz.

but remember, this is just a quiz, so dont take it so hard if you find anything insulting in here. and if you do, then i am really sorry for that. but otherwise, feel free to leave a comment on my quiz and rate my quiz! thank you and enjoy the quiz!

Created by: DespicableSharon
  1. okayy, so b4 we get to the real questions, what is `emo` anywayz? (in ur opinion)
  2. now, off to the real questions! so, hav u ever thought about commiting suicide?
  3. do u often rite poetry or songs that sound very sad and deppressing?
  4. do u like to ever shop at a store that is like hot topic or spencers?
  5. what kind of stereotype do u think u belong in?
  6. what kind of music do u like to listen to?
  7. who is ur favorite band? or singers?
  8. what is your favorite time of the day?
  9. will u rate the quiz? (HUGE effect. but plz rate!)
  10. will u comment? (plz comment. oh yeah, same as other one, HUUUUGE effect)

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Quiz topic: How emo am I?