how ell do you know adventure time ???

If you know a lot of adventure time take this quiz then.lets see how well you know this show.(if you don't know AT don't take this you might get hurt)

Do you really know adventure time.Do you know a lot do you so you DO YOU.then take this quiz you might encounter hard questions in this quiz.Why not take it go ahead I'm not forcing you to take this quiz

Created by: Elaiza

  1. what episode did lemongrab first appear
  2. What is the name of marceline's dad
  3. What is princess Bubblegum's first name
  4. who is the voice of LSP
  5. Who is the voice of finn the human in the pilot episode
  6. what is ice king's secret
  7. The name of the gender swapped version of marceline
  8. who is voice of marceline that is also the voice of Vanessa Doofenshmirtz
  9. what episode is this quote,"hey mar mar whats with the chumps,I said no chumps"
  10. what immortal creature is marceline
  11. complete the song "your gut says he's evil my gut says he's good why not put are....
  12. Will there be another fionna and cake epidode
  13. The name of Lady rainicorn's parents
  14. who has aproximate knowledge of many thinga
  15. who has aproximate knowledge of many thinga
  16. Who created/founder of adventure time

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Quiz topic: How ell do I know adventure time ???