How Dumb Are You?

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YAY, I'M HAPPY. It's my 14th birthday tomorrow!! (Mar. 9.) This Flip was pretty fun to do, although I admit that it was rushed a bit at the end. That being said, I hope you're still able to enjoy it! :) Oh, and whoever catches the Over 9,000 reference wins a cookie. As for upcoming Flips, my schedule is currently unchanged (I still plan on finishing "Twilight's Only Benefit" and "I'm Not a Weenie Spinoff") but also note that I might post Flips for the weekly topic without warning. ;)

Boo Music Video #3 My best work in terms of animation :D THIS TOOK A LONG TIME TO MAKE ZOMG This is unlocked as basically a huge thank-you to all of my fans for helping me get so far as to become a featured artist ;) I figured you guys deserved a treat. Note: this doesn't necessarily mean I'll be posting more unlocked Flips in the future. Credits to: Gaige--for making the original Flip and for use of his character, Burney fred--for use of his character, Soap Boy BOSS--for use of his character, Asis John #9--for the font and Weegee pic lol Fireballer--for the Boo sprite. HEY GUESS WHAT IT'S A SPINOFF CONTEST. Best spinoff by June 1st gets 100 green stars, and one runner-up will get 50 greens. Command codes for both winning Flips and their creators will be featured in a short Flip. DON'T TURN THIS INTO A CHATROOM PLEASE AND THANK YOU Song is "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" by Daft Punk.

Created by: Trey

  1. You think 5 is a what number
  2. You like math?
  3. You get
  4. Do you know what "jail" means/is.
  5. When the teacher uses"Big Words" do you understand them?
  6. Do you watch Noggin, Nick Jr. or PBS Kids?
  7. Do you think dangerous stuff and jokes are wrong?
  8. Do you like yourself?
  9. Do you love studying?
  10. Math Sucks! Right/

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Quiz topic: How Dumb am I?