how cute is your clothing style?

lots of people have trouble with their outfits. they don't know if they're cute or not. you might be the queen of style at your school!! but you never know!!...but if you did know, then why are you even taking this quiz?

are YOU the queen of stye? maybe, maybe not. probably, probably not. you could ask yourself: it this cute? is this on FLEEK? or is it ratchet as f---?...or, you could take this quiz, which will tell you your answer!

Created by: Jean!

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. you usually spend about __ min picking an outfit
  2. what do you usually wear?
  3. do you care about how others think about you?
  4. where do you usually shop for clothes?
  5. what do your friends say to you about your clothes?
  6. do you get lots of compliments?
  7. do you have a lot of clothes?
  8. what type of fabric do you usually wear?
  9. spacer bittchhhh(these have no effect on your answer)
  10. is you excited for the answer????? (these have no effect on your answers either lol)

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Quiz topic: How cute is my clothing style?