Are you a vintage hoarder?

There are many vintage clothing sellers out there but few true hoarders. Hoarding is after all an exceptional skill of choosing what's most important in the history of vintage clothing and keeping as much of it as possible.

Are you a vintage hoarder? Do you have the skills it takes to fill your home to the rafters with everyone else's vintage clothing? Why wonder if you're a true vintage hoarder. Take this quiz and find out for sure.

Created by: Viviene

  1. You see a dumpster at the end of your street filled to the brim with vintage clothing. Do you
  2. You're shopping in your favorite thrift store. You're buying a few vintage items that obviously won't fit you. The cashier asks you if you sell online. Your answer is:
  3. When you see a vintage dress with the buttons hacked off what is your reaction?
  4. You make a house call to a 96-year-old woman's home. She is sharp as a tack and a lovely person. She tells you great stories about the items you decide to buy. Do you offer her more than you usually do on a house call?
  5. You place an ad in the paper that you buy vintage clothing. You get a call from someone with doubleknit polyester dresses and pantsuits. Do you:
  6. Your significant other tells you that you have to choose between your bins of vintage and them. You decide:
  7. You're attending an estate sale. From across the room you spot the holy grail item you've looked for all your life. Another vintie spies it at the same time. You
  8. Money is tight. You can't afford to list auctions on your online site. You need to sell your vintage. It's a vicious cycle. You:
  9. Your family and friends thing that selling vintage clothing is a waste of time. You:
  10. You have 10 faux fur coats in your closet. You see two more for sale in the local thrift at a bargain price. You:
  11. You have the opportunity to open a store and list your items for a flat monthly rate regardless of how many items you list. You:

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Quiz topic: Am I a vintage hoarder?