How Cute Do You Really Look!

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They are a lot of people out there in the world getting bullied cause the way they look or the way they speak etc. but it doesn't matter! You cute and beautiful and smart and everything!!! DONT LISTEN TO ANYONE HOS BULLYS YOU!

YOU ARE CUTE AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT!! Don't change what you are you are you and no one can change you! You can choose what you wanna do in your own life

Created by: Brogwan

  1. What colour of eyes do you have
  2. How Popular are you
  3. How Popular are you?
  4. Are you in love
  5. What's your Body Shape
  6. What's your Body Shape
  7. What is your hair like
  8. What Colour Is Your Hair
  9. What's your hair like
  10. What type of person are you
  11. Final Question! How cute do you think you are? (In %)

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Quiz topic: How Cute do I Really Look!