How creepy are you?

This creepiness quiz ( also weirdness quiz) is basically a percentage of how weird you are in the minds of people . at first glance and also by the way you act and things you listen too, if you are disturbed by any of the questions asked dont worry. and also try to take your time when answering the questions

this quiz is meant for teenagers 13-19, all questions have been tested in a poll. if you dont think you really fit into the world this is a pretty cool quiz to take if you score high on this quiz make some changes a little taking this kind of quiz can help you become a nicer person if you didnt have fun taking this quiz sorry you feel that way but this is also for entertainments purposes also

Created by: Paul
  1. Your approached by a stranger they say hi what do you do?
  2. you listen to ? which of the following the most
  3. you see a dead man on the street at night he has a bible in one hand and blood smeared over his glasses. no cars are in sight what do you do , u also have a mobile
  4. a girl you love at school asks you out what do you say
  5. what kind of weather do you like the most
  6. you are confronted by a gang who says " get your hands up gimme your god danm wallet punk" what do you do??
  7. what color is your favourite out of these
  8. god hates you are u
  9. do you feel loved
  10. whats your fav movie out of the following
  11. what drink would you like most too have right now

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Quiz topic: How creepy am I?