How creative are you?

There are people who are artists, people who love doing arty things, and at the other end of the scale there are those who live in a world of grey. Do this quiz which spans the world of creativity to find out where you fit on the scale.

From writing to role-play, from clay to cooking, all types of creativity are covered in this quiz. Do you love one type and hate the rest, do you love them all, or do creative people annoy you? Let's find out!

Created by: Nicola Game
  1. How much do you enjoy writing poetry?
  2. Do you enjoy writing stories?
  3. Have you ever written a novel?
  4. Do you enjoy painting?
  5. Do you enjoy drawing?
  6. Do you enjoy singing?
  7. How much do you enjoy cooking/baking?
  8. How much do you enjoy small cutting and sticking crafts?
  9. Do you enjoy wood carving or metalwork?
  10. Do you enjoy working with clay or paper mache?
  11. Do you enjoy making jewellery or small trinkets?
  12. Do you frequently buy assemble kits or jigsaws/puzzles?
  13. Do you enjoy making your own games?
  14. Do you enjoy being a part in theatre/role-play?

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Quiz topic: How creative am I?