How Crazy Are You?

There are many crazy people in this world, and most of them deny it. In our society it is shameful to have "issues", "problems", "to be mental". Nonsense! Everyone's a little crazy, but how crazy are YOU?

How CRAZY are you? No one is immune to snapping nowadays, so let's face it, you're nuts to some degree! Answer these 13 questions and win a free prize! The gift of knowledge, the beauty of knowing, having something to talk about at the bar tomorrow night.

Created by: urthgurl starfire

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  1. Do you often feel that 'someone' is watching you?
  2. As a child, did you have 'strange' fetishes? Examples; saving your pee in a cup, eating dirt, sniffing 'things', painting with your boogers
  3. Upon entering a restroom to do your duty, do you first remove all or much of your clothing?
  4. How many times have you been hospitalized for any of the following; Recretational Drug Use, Depression, Cutting, Suicidality, Psychotic Episodes, Homicidality, Wetting The Bed
  5. Ever fantized about beating the crap out of anyone?
  6. How many hours a DAY do you spend on MySpace, LiveJournal or other such places?
  7. Pick a color, any color... Only one!
  8. Best band (0ut of this list) to get it on to
  9. After graduating or dropping out of high school, you accomplished
  10. You dance naked in your living room...
  11. The number 13 (thirteen) means

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Quiz topic: How Crazy am I?