How crazy are you?

There are a lot of crazy people and a lot of not crazy people! Take this quiz to find out if you're the average crazy person or the ultimate crazy person!

ARE YOU A CRAZY PERSON! Well if you aren't your doing the whole world a BIG FAVOR! If you're not sure if your crazy then you better take this quiz. PLEASE FOR THE CHILDREN!

Created by: Kristin
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's your fave ice cream flavor?
  2. What's your fave insrument?
  3. Do you like taking quizzes?
  4. Do you find birds chirping in the morning annoying if you stayed up really late and they wake you up really early?
  5. Do you email people or text people more?
  6. Do you like video games?
  7. Do you like eating?
  8. Do you think people find you crazy?
  9. Are you excited to find out how crazy you are?
  10. Last question- Do you think you'll be crazy or not?

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Quiz topic: How crazy am I?