How cool are you?

Many people in the world think that they are cool. What's being cool? Ice cold. Are you cool? This quiz will tell you because it has been developed using up to date research-based information. This quiz is cooler than being cool.

You should take this quiz if you are interested in finding out how cool you are. It is completely true. However, your interest in wanting to take the quiz shows that you doubt your coolness, which is not cool. Automatically not cool.

Created by: larissa
  1. In battle, your weapon of choice would be...
  2. If you were on the uneven bars at gymnastics and you happened to puke on your instructor standing below you, the coolest thing to throw up would be...
  3. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?
  4. At a bar, your drink of choice is...
  5. How do you want to die?
  6. What kind of socks do you wear?
  7. If you had to take a dance class, what would you take?
  8. Pick a number.
  9. Who do you love?
  10. Larissa is...

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Quiz topic: How cool am I?