How Chippenham are you?

Well I thought that seeing people on Facebook were all making a quiz I would do the same about my much loved town Chippenham in Wiltshire I hope you enjoy it for a laugh

So at the end of the quiz - are you a Chippenhamitte or do you really come from Calne if you did not get the questions right are you just a person who commutes from Chippenham

Created by: munkeh

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  1. Do you know where Chippenham is?
  2. What is the Buttercross?
  3. What is the nearest next Railway Station after Chippenham (in either Direction)
  4. Which King is said to have burnt the cakes in Chippenham
  5. What was the name of the Cinema in Station Hill
  6. What is in the middle of the road in Cocklebury Lane
  7. Who Built the Railway Viaduct
  8. Were You Born In St Andrews Hospital
  9. What Event Is Held Every Year In Chippenham
  10. Where Is The most Likely Place you Are Going To Get Stuck in A Traffic Jam In Wiltshire
  11. Do You Love Chippenham?
  12. Do You Know Where Frog lane Is?
  13. What Was The Name of The famous Night Club in Chippenham?

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Quiz topic: How Chippenham am I?