How Chavvy Are You? (Britain)

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Has the thought "I wonder how chavvy I am" ever crossed your mind? Have you wanted to know the answer to the question "How chavvy am I?" for your entire life? Well, you're in luck, cause this quiz will answer that question for you!

Also dont get mad if you dont like your result. This quiz is literally just a JOKE! So don't worry if you dont like your result. I didnt make it to offend anyone, I made it for jokes and a laugh.

Created by: HyukasPlushies

  1. What is your outfit of choice for day-to-day life?
  2. What word/phrase do you think that you use the most?
  3. At school, who do you bully?
  4. What is your ideal job?
  5. What's your ideal type of music?
  6. What do you think of current pop music? (late 2010's and beyond)
  7. Gotta get to 10 questions
  8. 10 questions
  9. sorry about this
  10. 10 questions!!! ugh

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Quiz topic: How Chavvy am I? (Britain)