How Boxmoor are you?

Hemel Hempstead has had some bad press recently as an ugly town, but there are parts of Hemel that are beautiful and have a lot to offer. Boxmoor is one of them, and probably the best, but how Boxmoor are you?

What is your knowledge of Boxmoor? Have you just passed through? Do you live here only to commute? Maybe you visit to enjoy its surroundings or frequent its pubs and eateries? Or, do you live here, know about its history and enjoy it to the full? Find out by taking this quick quiz!

Created by: Caroline

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  1. Where in Hemel would you spend a sunny afternoon?
  2. Where do you like to drink?
  3. Where could you get the best fish and chips?
  4. Which highwayman was hanged in Boxmoor?
  5. In which year was the Boxmoor Trust formed?
  6. What annual festival is held in Boxmoor?
  7. Which river runs through Boxmoor?
  8. Which cattle breed is kept on the moor?
  9. Which of these commons is in Boxmoor?
  10. Which juice was formerly shipped from Boxmoor Wharf?
  11. In which church in Hemel would you get married?
  12. Who gifted the pastures at Boxmoor?

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Quiz topic: How Boxmoor am I?