How blonde are you inside?

There is a blonde inside everyone but some people's are more apprent than others. Some are reals blondes but some are brunettes, red heads and some have black hair.

How blonde are you inside? Do you not get jokes and say random things when confused which is offen? Then come take this test to see how blonde you are.

Created by: smile

  1. Do you ever not get a joke for a long time then get it and laugh your head off like hours later?
  2. Do u not get alot of jokes?
  3. Do you say things that are weird if you dont understand what someone is say? Ex:...I have hair
  4. Do you talk alot and fast AND about weird things?
  5. Do dumb blonde jokes offend you?
  6. Do you act airy by accident?
  7. Do you knw what airy means?
  8. Do guys ever get you to say things that they laugh at but your thinking "Whats so funny" ?
  9. Do girls sometimes roll there eyes at things you say?
  10. Do guys ever say to you "At least your pretty" ?
  11. Are you confused in most convosations?

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Quiz topic: How blonde am I inside?