how beautiful are you ?

there are many cute people but some people really have it.but it is luck and it is just what people is just by thought and spirit and what people think.

are You beautiful ? are you so cute that people are jealous and faint ?now you can know!just do these 12 lets see and know .don't judge this quiz please.

Created by: alexis

  1. do your friends say you are beautiful ?
  2. what color hair do you have ?
  3. what color eyes do you have ?
  4. do you have pimples,sun marks etc.
  5. do you wear makeup ?
  6. is your hair straight,curly
  7. do you have freckles ?
  8. do you have braces ?
  9. do you have glasses ?
  10. and that is it !

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Quiz topic: How beautiful am I ?