How Basic Are You?

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basic: (bae-sihck) A popular kid, usually a girl, who meets all the standards of modern popularity. Often known as rather shallow and giggly, the basic can always come out on top in a contest of wits--or, rather, phone usage.

This is a just-for-fun quiz that asks the question you dare not to speak aloud: how basic am I, really? After this quiz reveals the extent of your basic tendencies, you can brag to your friends the extent of which you are basic, or just pay no attention. The choice is yours. WARNING: Most of the questions are aimed toward girls. Boys, please just do your best.

Created by: Bookworm81

  1. For each question, choose whether the statement applies to you. Please answer honestly. You love Starbucks.
  2. You order from the Starbucks secret menu.
  3. You have a Starbucks rewards program which you use regularly.
  4. You post your Starbucks on SnapChat.
  5. You post your Starbucks on Instagram.
  6. You make Musically videos starring your Starbucks.
  7. Those three apps are the most popular apps on your phone.
  8. Your phone has a sparkle case and a little holder on the back.
  9. You are always checking to see if someone texted you.
  10. You use a million bajillion abbreviations in your texts.
  11. You use a million bajillion abbreviations in real life.
  12. You use the words "literally" "totally" and "like" way too much.
  13. You can't get through a conversation without mentioning someone who likes you.
  14. Giggling is your body's natural response to stress.
  15. You are a pro at the hair flip.
  16. You own pearl earrings and a matching pearl necklace, which you wear daily.
  17. You often wear Under Armour.
  18. You often wear Vineyard Vines.
  19. You are wearing at least one of these brands right now.
  20. You didn't look down when I asked that last question, because you know what you are wearing at any given time.
  21. You play lacrosse.
  22. You play soccer.
  23. You get excited whenever there's a school dance.
  24. You wear a fancy dress and high heels to said dance, even if it's casual.
  25. You have a little sibling which you hate, an older sibling which you admire, and/or a pet that you LOVELOVELOVE.
  26. Your room is covered in boy-band posters.
  27. You like kittens.
  28. You like Taylor Swift.
  29. You like Katy Perry.
  30. You sing Katy Perry and Taylor Swift on your Musically account.
  31. You don't think you're basic.
  32. You smile a lot.
  33. BONUS ROUND: How many Starbucks do you have a week?
  34. You're going to go right back to texting your friends when this quiz is over.
  35. You do really really fancy Musically videos.

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