How badass is your inner villan?

We all have the potential to over throw the universe but we can't harnise the true villan we all have roaming around our brain. A villan needs certain traits, intelligence, master plan and of course the ability to be a badass do you have these traits, take the quiz to find out!

Are you the villan that the universe tries to ignore can you take control of anything and everything? just spend a couple of minutes to fill in the quiz to reveal how badass your villan is.

Created by: Billy

  1. What does your villan wear?
  2. Does your villan have a catch-phrase?
  3. what superhuman powers does he/she have?
  4. Why is he/she now a villan?
  5. Does he/she have a Nickname or something like Master, Genreal, lord, Etc. ?
  6. Is he/she Funny
  7. Does he/she torture his slaves.
  8. How big is his/her army
  9. What race is he/she?
  10. Is he/she attractive?
  11. Is he/she searching for an infinite source of power or an alien beast?

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Quiz topic: How badass is my inner villan?