How B----y Are You?

Almost all of us are to some degree or another. Find out where you stand and what others think of you. Twelve simple questions will shed light on just exactly how bi*tchy you are.

Are you a Super Bi*tch, Mousy and Meek, or somewhere in the middle? Find out in just a few minutes! Take this fun quiz and let everyone know where you stand on the bi*tch-o-meter.

Created by: Laura

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  1. You are at a party, and someone you don't like walks in. What would you do?
  2. Your boyfriend dumps you, for seemingly no reason. You should....
  3. A friend at school/work has been whining to you about the same problem for weeks, and you're getting tired of hearing about it. You...
  4. When it's that time of the month...
  5. You see a homeless person. Your first reaction is...
  6. You have had your eye on a guy you know, but he hasn't made a move. You would...
  7. A family member asks for a big favor, such as helping them move, a ride to the airport, etc. and you're not sure you have the time. You....
  8. How do you think other people view you as a person?
  9. What kind of clothes do you wear?
  10. What do you consider your social status to be?

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Quiz topic: How B----y am I?