How Aussie are you?

Are you Really Australian? Prove it If you think you can talk the talk? Prove it. If you think you can walk to walk? Prove it! Have a go! in a few short minutes you will soon see

Do you think your Australian? Prove it, just so you can show your friends and Family how Auistralian you can be! Have A Go! in a few short minutes you will soon see

Created by: Levi
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Cold Beer, Coffee or Wine?
  2. Fire or a Movie?
  3. Computer or Camping?
  4. How many Stars are on our flag?
  5. Who will win the Ashes?
  6. What is Australia's Capital?
  7. Name the All Australian Car
  8. Who is Australia's Prime Minister
  9. Which division
  10. Which division

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Quiz topic: How Aussie am I?